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The all-new 2200 Series range, a family of 13-liter, turbo-charged and air-to-air charge cooled, electronically controlled, diesel engines with outstanding power density and compactness, has been unveiled by Perkins.

The 2200 Series range builds on the strength of the already successful 2000 Series family focused on meeting the uncompromising demands of today’s power generation industry. Its premium features of exceptional power to weight ratio and excellent fuel consumption aligned to overall performance and reliability characteristics, make this engine the power generation industry’s first choice of power.

Developed and tested using the latest engineering techniques and element analysis for high reliability, low oil usage and low wear.

Mechanically operated unit fuel injectors with electronic control combined with carefully matched turbo-charging, gives excellent fuel atomization and combustion, which gives superb fuel economy and low emissions. High compression ratios ensure clean, rapid starting in all ambient conditions. An exceptional power-to-weight-ratio and compact size gives optimum power density for ease of installation.

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